Monday, September 27, 2010


It was a Saturday night spent with a pretty girl. She picked me up from work and we walked town. Standing on a rooftop, you could see the lights of the city, and take your pick of which concert to eavesdrop upon. It's spring, and the air was warm and richly fragrant. We avoided the people yelling and lining up for clubs, but were entertained by a possibly homeless man who was drinking, and had been 'on the run from the police for five months'. We explored the art of my favourite alley-way, and I planned my own additions.
It felt like a perfect night, and it makes me feel a little giddy that someone so wonderful could come so out of the blue.

Friday, September 24, 2010


On Tuesday morning I partook in a psychology experiment. It was called First Impressions and Romantic Relationships, and basically you met a stranger of the opposite sex (heterosexuals only, apparently) and spoke with them for 10 minutes, before evaluating them. It was like an academic speed-dating, and was... an interesting experience. I met a girl called Sarah. I don't think we hit it off - different kinds of people and all. It felt a bit odd I guess, knowing that there was the pretense of possible romantic chemistry, in a lab setting.
The whole thing was filmed, and then you were required to watch footage of yourself, and recall 10+ moments when you thought or felt something, and write it down. Then, you were given some times when your partner felt something, and you had to guess, or intimate what they felt after watching them in the recording. It was incredibly tricky.
Her first 'feeling' etc was at 0:14, just after we'd shaken hands. I think she looked really disappointed. Towards the end though, she did call me 'a really well rounded young man', which sounded awfully patronising.
All in all, a bit of a lark, and I received a $20 mall voucher. I'd assumed I'd meet the girl of my dreams, but I suppose the search continues.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sticking together

This song from Los Campesinos! features the lyric 'On the back of a natural disaster, fixed with parcel tape and with kids sticking plasters'. I was doing the dishes, and it hit me - yes! That's how to rebuild this city.
I sat down and sketched a few sticking plasters on pink paper, and made about 50. Last night, I made some wheat paste, and T'nealle and I went pasting around town. We hopefully made the hurt buildings feel better, and they might heal quicker.

Barricades could not stop our repairs

It was a really fantastic night. We were patching up a crack in a paving stone in the Square, and a man walked past and said 'great stuff guys - really cute. Thanks'. Which is the right reaction. I think they look great, and I hope they make people smile when they see them. T'nealle took plenty more pictures.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

You, and you

I enjoy writing this blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it. A few readers have told me how positive and happy it seems, and as it's a reflection of real life, that's how many people also describe me. I know that that's the truth, but I do find it a bit strange. I'm happy, but feel a bit weird being known as this really happy person. It's certainly not a bad thing, I'm just not too sure how to accept such praise.
At the same time, it feels like some of my favourite people are unable to see how amazing they are. It's so sad (and inexplicable) when I find out that someone I really care for and admire has such a low sense of self esteem. That they're unable to see all the special things in them is surprising, and feels like quite a shame. At the same time I seem unable to fully appreciate myself as much as others. Objectivity can be a difficult task. Addendum: In the end, you're probably better than you think. Which is a nice thought.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

As you're probably aware, a large earthquake hit Christchurch early on Saturday morning. I was in Wellington, so missed out on most of the terror, but my room took a bit of a beating. Both the brick chimneys at our flat fell down, and there were plenty of bricks around the place. I kind of wish I'd been there, if only to spend time with my flatmates, and make sure they were okay (they were, thank goodness). Apart from that, our flat was fine, which was nice, though really sad to see the effect on other houses.
It was strange to come back to Chch; it was really eerie. Many buildings were fine, but others right next to them were badly affected. Our local dairy and fish n chip shop were destroyed (plus others in the area - The Chipocalypse).
There are a lot of cordons up town, and it's quite sad walking about. I think the best site about the situation is James Dann's.
I wanted to try and make people feel a bit better about things, so last night I went up town and did some chalking.
These are in the Square
'They'll never shake my love for you, Christchurch'

'Christchurch: Let's spring back!'

I also drew some sad faces on fallen bricks, but wasn't able to photograph them today due to salvage work

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I passed back through Wellington after being in Palmerston North. It was a flying visit, but absolutely brilliant. Beth and I had planned to explore around Mt Victoria, and though the forecast was horrible, it was a gorgeous day. We walked around, taking photos, exploring, using swings, and making our own from a skateboard. It's above the bus tunnel if you'd like to use it

Twenty Six

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. It was a really nice day, beautiful weather, spent with great people. The sky was incredibly clear, and there was a strong nor'wester blowing. I went to the Botanic Gardens and had a picnic with some good friends. Later on at the flat, we began a Bill Murray-thon, and watched Stripes, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog Day. I think I liked each more than the previous one, but Murray was pretty consistent.
It doesn't feel like very long since I posted about being 25 last September. In the last year... I think I've become more 'me', or at least more like the kind of person I want to be.
At the same time, it sort of feels like I'm slowing down the ways in which I'm improving. I've got an incredible group of friends, but I'd still like to meet some new people, and it seems like the rate at which I'm meeting people is slowing. And it seems that maybe I'm doing fewer interesting things, or just getting used to the things I do. I guess I want to keep getting better, I'm just not sure how to keep doing it

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My poppa

I spent this afternoon with my poppa - my dad's dad. It was absolutely fantastic - I think he's one of the best people I know, a real patriarch to the family, and an all-round amazing person. I'd been wanting to find out more about the life of this man I admire so much, and it was just magical. I had shivers when he said he felt like 'king of the world' once he'd bought a tractor; building a house, he thought, 'yes, this is me'; talking about being a missionary in Ethiopia, he said he 'learnt about fear'.
Sometimes, I had to hold back tears which were welling up.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Radio, et al

I was in Wellington over the last week, and as usual, it was great. Beth and I had some groovy times, and I'm heading back down again on my way to Christchurch this weekend.
Probably the best part of the trip was heading in to the Radio New Zealand offices, and meeting the lovely people behind Music 101.  It was really great to meet them, have a look around, and check out the music catalogue (wowza). It seems like I was everything they were looking for, so I'll be making stories for the show with a bit of a Christchurch spin. I was ecstatic.
Now seems like a good time to check in on some goals for the year:
Budget well - Going pretty well. Though it seems to take ages to 'get started' on the savings front
Read more - Hmmm, about the same
Get involved with RNZ - Yay!
Complete my degree - Pretty close... and grades have been good
Spend more time outdoors - Hmmm, outside, maybe not 'outdoors', like in 'nature'
Kiss a stranger - Still waiting... It feels like it's been close a few times
Keep living - Check


It's the first day of spring! And it's been a good start in Palmerston North. It's so nice to see daffodils and blossoms out, brightening up the world. I wish I was able to place exactly why they are so amazing, why they can make people feel so good.
I went to some of my favourite places in town today. The public library is possibly the best in the country (I read a book of the best World Press Photos 09, and there was a girl playing amazingly on the piano). The art gallery is great, but always seems under-appreciated. The Square is lovely, and in fact square-shaped. I went to a new art gallery called Zimmerman, and talked to the owner about public sculptures. And I bought a kebab from Ahmed Zaoui's caravan The Desert Rose - it was great.
The sun was warm, and I ate a popsicle on the walk home.

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