Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wish 3

'God can't sort it all out. I can. You can. We can :)'

Thanks? Very true I think, and there's been some really cool acts of humanity since the earthquake (which I guess this is alluding to).
This doesn't wish for anything in particular, but I'm going to count this one as coming true.

Wish 2

'i wish Justin Bieber would cum to Chch!' (b/w 'this is so cute!')

Hmmm, big ask. Justin is playing a few shows around Australia in the next few weeks, so I emailed his management:

'Hi Scooter and team,

My name's David, and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. As you may be aware, our city was recently hit by a large earthquake resulting in many buildings being destroyed, and lives lost.
To try and improve morale, I set up a project where people could write down a wish, and I would try and make it happen. A number of people wished that Justin Bieber would come to Christchurch.
I see that Justin is touring Australia, and I understand that he has an incredibly busy schedule. However, if any kind of 'flying visit' were possible, it would be tremendously appreciated.

Many thanks,
David Klein'

I'll let you know if I get a reply. As Gina pointed out, some NZ fans were quite mean on his visit to Auckland last year (someone stole his hat, and his mum was pushed), so he may have reservations about returning.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wish 1

'Topless women with dreads'

I don't know any dreadlocked women who would be prepared to go topless for whatever classy gentleman wished for this. Instead, I drew them this picture:

I like how 'with dreads' was seemingly added, to make a good situation even better

Wish Box update

I left the Wish Box out for four days, and it experienced pretty torrential rain and strong winds. Here's how it looked:

"Cardboard? Minus 10 points" - Alice Tappenden.
She's right, but I like the look, and figure this could be v 1.0. It held out pretty well, though someone had taken the lid.

There were ten wishes in total, which I'll share over the coming days. No one wished for 'infinity wishes'

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chupa Chupdate

A few weeks ago, I placed a bunch of lollipops around the streets of Christchurch. There were about 40 in total, and from wandering around, I've noticed that almost all of them have disappeared. Whether they were eaten or thrown away remains unknown, but I guess people interacted with them in either case. I suppose it takes a certain kind of person to first notice, and then take a lollipop left in a public place. I'm not sure if I would to be honest. I'd like to think of it as a reward for observant and adventurous people.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wish Box

Here's a new project I came up with. It's called Wish Box, and aims to make the world a wee bit better

It's simple

1. Write your wish on a slip of paper
2. Put it in the box
3. I'll try and make it come true.

I hope that it will get people to think about what they really want. Then I can try to make it happen. I figure most wishes will be anonymous, so perhaps I can turn the wish in to a random good deed. Raise the World Goodness Total a bit.
Wish Box is in place now, attached to a traffic camera on the south east corner of the Colombo/Bealey corner.

Moving to Melbourne

In about a month, I'll be moving to Melbourne. It's been on the cards for a wee while. I'd imagined I'd only stay in Christchurch while I was studying, before moving on. Somewhere along the way, I really fell in love with the city (and its people), and it's not been the easy next step I'd envisaged.
Nevertheless, I think it is the right move. At the moment, my job, radio hosting, and many other things I enjoy are in limbo. Most of town is still out of action. Now feels like the right time to go.
In spite of all that though, I still love living in Christchurch. The people I know are incredible, I love my flat, and I know things are getting better. And then there's Gina - she's amazing, and I can hardly bare thinking about leaving her. She's in her final year at uni, so I guess we're in different places in our lives. We'll be breaking up, due to circumstances rather than things not working. I guess that's some kind of bittersweet plus.

So, Christchurch, you're a sweetheart. You've been more than I could ever have hoped for, and I'll be back. I'll let you know more about my plans before I go (May 13).

And Melbourne, hello. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. If you live there now, maybe I'll catch you around. And if you know any amazing jobs or cool places to live, drop me a line - superchai(at)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Collage #4 - Scientist

Watch out, Brandon Flowers!

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