Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

As you're probably aware, a large earthquake hit Christchurch early on Saturday morning. I was in Wellington, so missed out on most of the terror, but my room took a bit of a beating. Both the brick chimneys at our flat fell down, and there were plenty of bricks around the place. I kind of wish I'd been there, if only to spend time with my flatmates, and make sure they were okay (they were, thank goodness). Apart from that, our flat was fine, which was nice, though really sad to see the effect on other houses.
It was strange to come back to Chch; it was really eerie. Many buildings were fine, but others right next to them were badly affected. Our local dairy and fish n chip shop were destroyed (plus others in the area - The Chipocalypse).
There are a lot of cordons up town, and it's quite sad walking about. I think the best site about the situation is James Dann's.
I wanted to try and make people feel a bit better about things, so last night I went up town and did some chalking.
These are in the Square
'They'll never shake my love for you, Christchurch'

'Christchurch: Let's spring back!'

I also drew some sad faces on fallen bricks, but wasn't able to photograph them today due to salvage work

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