Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I sent Beth a letter. It was Fastpost, and I put two Fastpost stickers on it. It really seemed to give the post people a hurry up.
The last letter I received was from my poppa. He is my fathers father, and I had written him a letter. Enclosed within it was a card to my gran, who shares the birthday with myself and my twin sister Kate. In fact, when Kate and I turned 6 on Sep 6th, gran turned 60.
Unfortunately, she now has Alzheimer's. I never used to be worried by that disease - people age, and probably won't last forever. But of course, it's so different when it happens to someone you love. Seeing my gran (and my late nana), who has lived this amazingly strong, dignified life, be brought down by her own mind is heart-breaking.
I cried as I wrote the letter to my poppa. He is probably the person I respect the most, and I can only hope to be thought of by others as I highly as I think of him. I cried when I read his reply.

Things and things

It's been an eventful week. Last Sunday I had a picnic with my friend Chloe. It was really nice, and I asked her out. She said yes, and I was happy because she's perfect 'on paper'. However, we broke up with out actually going out, which is good, because neither of us were actually ready to be in a relationship. Real life can be tricky. Who knows?
I went to the Silver Scrolls last week. It was an amazing night, and Lawrence Arabia won! I'm glad I bet on the right horse. Morgan from RDU filmed a review of the night.
Last Friday was the RounDUp Grand Final, and was won by Sleepy Age, which I was very happy with.
I've been writing an animal behaviour essay about mate choice. Oh, the animals. They know a thing or two about relationships. I'm not having much luck picking up tips, though I do get to read books with titles like 'Sexual Selection'.
It feels like I've been going in circles a bit with Beth lately. Being really honest about how I'm feeling is probably a good thing, but when I'm feeling as flippant as I have been lately, it usually involves me trying to explain how I really feel. Right now. It does feel like I've made some good realisations though, and she has been all too sweet trying to help figure out what's going on.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


When I moved to Christchurch in 2007, I decided to get involved with RDU, the b-Net station. I helped out a bit, doing promotional work during Orientation Week at uni. When the station found out I studied astronomy, I began doing a segment called Astroboy on Breakfast with Kate Gorgeous.
That was heaps of fun, and after I while, I ended up learning the ropes, and getting my own show.
After hosting a bunch of different shows, I started on Wednesday Drive. That was a year ago.
I find it quite surprising to be on the radio - I couldn't of imagined doing this before I moved to Chch. And at the same time, it's something I really love. It's been great learning as I go, rather than at Broadcasting School. My style has been described as 'earnest', which I guess is how I am most of the time.
Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of Drive, and I've got a great show planned. I'll be talking with Nick and Sarah from Einstein Music Journal, Lawrence Arabia is dropping by to say 'hi', I'll be previewing the Silver Scrolls (which I get to go to, yeah!), and the Grand Final of RounDUp - as well as my favourite tracks of the last year. Woah!
You can tune in Wednesday, 4-7pm NZST, on 98.5fm, or

Friday, September 11, 2009

Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! are my favourite band. Ever. I just love them so much. It feels like my life won't be complete until I see them live.
I could gush about them no end, but I'll keep it short. They have a new album out in a few months, and have just released a new song, called The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future.
Pretty awesome stuff.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twenty Five

Last Sunday, I turned 25. It was a really nice day. I had lunch with Sophie, afternoon tea with Rose, and dinner at the flat.
I'm not sure what to make of it all. I wouldn't of imagined I'd be where I'm at now at 25, but I wouldn't want to change anything. My life before moving to Christchurch was very different and challenging (and mysterious, to most of you). Things in the last few years have been amazing.
It feels like a revelation might be around the corner. When does the life you live make sense in the present?

The Friday before my birthday, I donated blood. Auspiciously, it was my 25th donation, and I got a free umbrella. Well, I guess it cost me about 12 litres of blood. If you're able to, please consider donating blood - it's incredibly selfless and altruistic.

I made a present for my sister (she's my twin, it was her birthday also), it was a crocheted purse. I didn't photograph it, but I'm working on something else that I will show you when it's done.
Also, last Saturday, there was a screen-print-a-thon at my flat. Here's what I made...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beth has been in Chisthchurch for the last few days. We've caught up a few times. I think things have been going really well. We had a lovely day in the gardens on Monday, climbing trees, feeding ducks, and taking photos.
It was like a friendship date.
And last night we met up for tea.
She's amazing. I told her that I tell people that I liked her so much because she saw the world in the same way as I do.
I know we will be great friends.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A cycle trip

When I moved to Christchurch in 2007, I cycled. It was an amazing trip, and I blogged about it here

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