Saturday, February 19, 2011


The genesis of this post now floats somewhere behind me, as perfect as the whole attempting to be described.
It feels like my dreams tell me secrets. Like they know more than I do. Like those times when you wake up with a song in your head. Where did that come from?
On the inside, I'm afloat, going along for the ride. And all that it constructs is bigger than you, like you'd search for an outside you'll never reach.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Campus A Low Hum 2011

I went to Campus A Low Hum again this past weekend, and I had a really great time. The weather was incredible - gorgeous hot days and lovely warm nights. I had a good time with the people I was with, and I think apart from Gina and a few others, almost everyone I wished was there, including my whole flat. Tenting was great fun, and I think we ate pretty well.
The bands were obviously one of the main highlights. I really loved St Rupertsberg, Hold Dear, Delaney Davidson, Secret Knives, Toro y Moi, Chelsea Jade & James Duncan, Ghost Wave, Glass Vaults, Pond, Megalex, and Caribou, who totally blew me away.
There was a really great range of music, and plenty of other things to check out. I really liked the art pieces that were scattered around the site. Many of them had to be discovered, which made it more rewarding.
I ended up getting a ride back to Wellington on the last night, and we arrived at 4:30am - it was a pretty great adventure, and a nice way to cap off the festival.
Gina met me at the airport, and it was so great to see her again. I'd been away for a two and a bit weeks, and missed her like crazy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Air New Zealand has a monopoly on flights to and from Palmerston North, so I always prefer to 'take the scenic route' and travel via Wellington. I was there for a week this time round, and Beth had the whole time off work, so we managed to do plenty of cool things that we'd wanted to over the last few years. We ate lots of yum food, explored the streets, went pasting (No Face from Spirited Away! (among others)), travelled to Somes Island, made rainbow cake, snuck in to spas, watched movies, visited Strathmore, drank cocktails, attended fun gigs, and bumped in to friends and strangers.
The main reason I'd travelled when I had was for Laneway Wellington. It was pretty good overall. The definite highlight was Beach House, who were overwhelmingly gorgeous. I was covered in shivers their whole show, which actually made me feel really hot. Deerhunter were disappointing with sound issues, though they did play Desire Lines, which I'm pretty crazy about.
I met up with my very good friend Adam, and we had sushi train. I also had juice with the lovely and very supportive team from Music 101.
It was a really great trip. Wellington, you're a gem.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

High school

I'm home in Palmerston North, and tonight I went for a walk. I found myself wandering around the grounds of my high school. It was strange returning to a place I'd spent so much time in. I left in 2002, and I could remember so many of the parts, but it was strange having the forgotten pieces of the puzzle find their places. 'Oh right, the music room...' I can remember being so small, and being overwhelmed, but also simultaneously recalling my final year, and feeling like my friends and I owned the place. It felt strange not being with my friends; we would've have been recalling all the fun times we'd had. By myself, I didn't feel sad, just a strange sense of reminiscence. It was a very central part of my life for five years, and now it's in the past.

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