Thursday, January 26, 2012


At my work I find there are a number of things which seem trifling, and these are the things that really delight me. As Hank Scorpio said, 'it's the little things that make up life'
-Wineglasses are suspended in groups of three, upside down on rails. When you replace a row, they swing and hit each other, producing chimes. The beautiful thing is that they continue swinging for many minutes, and faint 'clinks' can be heard long after you've walked away. I love the harmonic, periodic nature of the swings, and the sounds they produce seem like the music of the spheres.
-Rainbows! The wineglasses, glass shelves and mirrors by the benches produce rainbows. So simple, so stunning.
-At the end of the night, the coffee machine is cleaned. Part of this involves emptying the grinder, and grinding a handful of beans to 'season the machine' the next morning. You hear the blades grind and whir, and as the last of the beans go through, the blades spin unimpeded. It sounds like a perfect moment.
-Coffeemaking, it's fun to try and make pictures in the foam. I'm still learning, but it's often best to simply interpret the shapes that arise. I've 'made' pictures of a moustache, question marks, and a hyperbola.
-Customers. People are beautiful and strange. It feels like every interaction has the potential to revolutionise how you relate to others.

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