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Things I've seen at cinemas, with ratings out of 10 

Gangster Squad
Like a genre pastiche? that is awesome - 10
Charming but boring - 4
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
I enjoyed this much more than expected - 8
Liberal Arts
Moving, insightful, brilliant. Loved it - 10
Fantastic black comedy - great acting, story and cinematography - 10
Visually stunning and thoughtful - 6
Jack Reacher
I love Cruise, and this is his show; great action flick - 8
Wreck It Ralph
A fun story, often creeping into 'brilliant'. John Reilly was outstanding - 8
The Master
A fascinating story and powerfully acted, but a bit underwhelmed overall - 6
Reasonably interesting story, great art direction - 6
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Great adaptation, and a touching story - 8
Rise of the Guardians
Good fun, made ya believe again. And I love Jude Law's boogeyman - 7
Underwhelmed by this one, but Bardem was great - 5
A great piece of sci-fi, good vision - 9
A really entertaining black comedy, Jack Black is great - 8
Moonrise Kingdom
Incredibly sweet and enjoyable - 10
Holy Motors
Fascinating and surreally amusing - 8
The Bourne Legacy
Really enjoyable, Renner was great - 7
MIFF, Kazhak adaptation of Crime and Punishment. Dry as hell - 2
The Sapphires
Really sweet and enjoyable - 8
The Legend of Kaspar Hauser
MIFF, interesting, funny, great soundtrack - 5
The Dark Knight Rises
Amazing. Dark, stunning, moving - 10
Sweet and entertaining family Pixar film - 6 
The Amazing Spiderman 
Fairly middling superhero film with good performances - 6
The Dark Knight
Outstanding, special Imax screening. Epic and compelling - 10
Batman Begins 
Great origin tale, I love Bale's Wayne/Batman dichotomy - 8
Family Guy jokes, pretty enjoyable - 6
Cabin in the Woods
Brilliant. Clever and hilarious; highly recommended - 10
Snow White and the Huntsman
Storyline and acting were average (Theron was great!), but visually incredible - 5
Once Upon A Time in Anatolia
A long, talky Turkish police drama, felt very realistic - 7
A long, convoluted teen/legal drama. Great performances, but could've cut a lot of storyline - 6
Men in Black 3
Average, and pretty uninteresting - 4 
Rock of Ages
Great silly rock musical, really enjoyable - 8
Great as a space horror, found wanting as an Alien pseudo-prequel - 7 
Woman in the Fifth
Awful and frustrating. I walked out - 0
The Five-Year Engagement 
Hilarious, sweet romcom. Very enjoyable - 8
Wish You Were Here
A really intriguing drama - 7
The Pirates! Band of Misfits
Hilarious, witty, visually great. Loved it - 9 
Dark Shadows 
Pretty average and forgettable - 5
The Avengers
Great action stuff! Everything you'd hope for - 10
Rip-roaring Shakespearean revenge. Great performances - 8 
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Somewhat enjoyable, but not very inspired - 5
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
I didn't like it, but am outside the demographic. Bill Nighy is great - 4
A Dangerous Method
All round great performances in a slow-paced biopic - 7 
The Lorax 
Very disappointing. Ed Helms as the Once-ler is the highlight - 3 
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Well acted, slow-pace spy film - 6
Amazing alien and ship design. Good action, bad acting. Boat porn - 9 
Incredible. Riveting story and perfectly acted - 10 
Wrath of the Titans 
Pretty bad, felt like a waste of time (even in Imax 3D) - 2
A Separation
Incredible. Gripping, complex, beautifully acted - 10
Cult Vault screening. Boring and moody, I walked out - 0
John Carter
Pretty enjoyable action blockbuster (Imax 3D) - 6 
Really sweet storyline, and some great performances - 7 
Matha Marcy May Marlene
Psycho-thriller that wasn't as thrilling as I'd hoped - 6
Great film about domestic-, sexual-, gang-violence. Olivia Coleman is brilliant - 9
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Pretty good adaptation. Love the book, enjoyed the film - 7 
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Amazing. Spectacular at Imax; a really great action thriller - 10 
The Artist
Sweet but gimmicky - 5 
The Descendants
Family drama. Passable - 3
The Iron Lady
Well acted and far too flattering biopic - 5
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (US)
I really liked this (but haven't seen the original) - 8 
Enjoyable, over the top thriller. Gripping - 8 
17 Girls
Dull and uninsightful story about teen pregnancy - 2 
Declaration of War
Fairly average romance/baby/illness drama - 5
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Delightful! Christmas-eve-eve screening, splendid - 10
The Skin I Live In
Interesting and unsettling - 6 
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Really gripping, well acted, great story - 8 
The Muppets
SUPER FUN. Great stuff - 10 
A really well acted, touching cancer story - 7 
Margin Call
Good story, stylish, but frustrating with the GFC ongoing - 5 
Attack the Block
Great story; thrilling and a lot of fun - 9 
Heaps of fun, wish there was more Beetlejuice - 8
Didn't really enjoy this or feel too much. Well acted - 5 
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Really enjoyable, fun period-caper - 8 
Happy Feet 2
I loved the first one; this was awful. Terrible story, nothing enjoyable - 0 
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Funny, nice story line, good characters - 7 
Interesting look at sports business - 7
Beautiful 'indie' romance. Heart melting - 9
Clunky and annoying - 3
Ides of March
Sensational political thriller. Loved it - 9 
The Adventures of Tintin
Really fun adventure, great characters - 8 
Puss in Boots
Hilarious, lots of fun. Good spin-off - 7 
Moody, stylish, well acted - 7
Bill Cunningham New York
Heart meltingly sweet. A great doco about a beautiful man - 9
Midnight in Paris
Really great story, fun and interesting - 9 
Pretty gripping virus thriller. Standard story, well acted - 6 
The Eye of the Storm
Weird family drama. Um - 3 
Norwegian Wood
Beautiful, very good adaptation - 8 
Brilliant, touching, funny, sweet - 9 
The Future
Pretty saddening, bleaker than expected - 5 
Outstanding documentary - 9 
Fun, kickass action - 9

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  1. you've seen more movies at the Cinema lately than I have in the pass 20 years


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