Saturday, August 7, 2010


Tonight I had work. It was very quiet; New Zealand were playing Australia in a game of rugby in town. Because this was a 'big deal', some roads in the central city had been closed, and there was a parade to the stadium.
When I was younger, I cared immensely about rugby. In fact, at the corresponding NZ/Aus match in 2000, I cried and sulked when we lost. I was 15 - how embarrassing. I'm glad I 'grew out of it', to the point where I don't know most of the team members, or care about the results. Well, care only to the point of how those results affect the 'national psyche': elation or despondency depending on eighty minutes.
I cycled home from work, through the road closures. There were more people, more yelling, and more police than a usual Saturday night. Why don't people get this excited about art? Or music? Or touching moments of beauty?
I'm lucky that while most people don't, my friends do.


  1. Bro, you're mental. Rugby is fucking mean.

  2. I cried when the Netherlands lost their semi-final against Brazil in 98 (France).

  3. I cried when New Zealand lost to Australia in the netball in like 2001 or something. But, I also cried while watching Swan Lake in 1999, redemption?


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