Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Day That Was - August 8th, 2010

I got in to bed around midnight, and for the first hour of today, read The Virgin Suicides. I had a false start on it a while back, but am now really enjoying it: 8/10. I had a good sleep, and while I feel I had a real meaningful dream, I can't remember it. I woke up around 8, and lay in bed for a while. I listened to Media Watch on RNZ; it's one of my favourite shows, and Colin Peacock is a great radio host: 8/10.
I got up and had some oats for breakfast. I use jumbo oats, and soak them in a cup overnight. This morning they were a bit watery: 6/10. I also had a cup of tea, and checked things on the internet: 5/10. I had a shower, and trimmed my nails. The weather was quite bleak, but I went for a walk to the supermarket. Rain was in my face on the way there, and I walked silently and determinedly: 4/10. I went to New World Richmond, and it was rather quiet. I spent a bit of time looking around for things (I hadn't really checked what food I needed), but bought Jif and a dish-brush: 6/10. The walk home wasn't as bad.
I also bought some Marmite and bread, and had four pieces of toast. The flat's been lacking for a long time, delicious: 9/10. We have a flat inspection tomorrow, so I cleaned the bath after toast. I'd cleaned the toilet yesterday, which was a bit unpleasant: 3/10. The bath though was good, a real satisfaction in making it nice and white (thanks Jif!): 8/10.
Matt came home in the afternoon, and we lit the fire. We ran out of firewood some time ago, but Matt had 'acquired' some trelis, which made great kindling. I think I may have acclimated to a cold lounge, but if was great to get it going: however - smoke was coming out of the log-burner (blocked chimney?), so the lounge got so smokey that Matt had to extinguish it. Bittersweet: 2/10.
We had decided to have a roast for dinner, so Eamonn and I walked to get a few things. We bought 'pipe bread' from KB's, and got a few things from the supermarket. Pooja served us, and she was really friendly and helpful: 9/10. Matt, Eamonn and I prepared the veges; we boiled everything a bit first, and when roasted, they turned out fantastically. Eamonn made some garlic bread, and I made gravy from scratch. The roast: 10/10.
Brian, Aine, and Rosie came over for dinner. It was really nice.

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