Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I often cheesily say that Northcote is "the best 'Cote." It's amazing. I love the suburb, and in particular where I live - it's got everything I want.
-My room is big, affordable, and gets lots of sunlight. I found a double bed a few days ago from next door's hard rubbish (upgrade from foam mattress). Perfect.
-My flat/'share house' is awesome. The people are really great (fun, friendly, stimulating, challenging), and the house is full of character.
-Within five minutes walk is a supermarket and shopping plaza, library, train station, tram stop, parks. My work is 15 mins walk.
-I can cycle to Brunswick, Fitzroy etc in 15 mins, the CBD in 25. Or train or tram similar times
The suburb is beautiful, and full of nice people. I'm pretty happy here

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