Monday, June 25, 2012

Some things

-I've started a new job. It's at (one of the best) French bakeries in Melbourne, 'A Treat of France'. I make coffee and dish out croissants, and I'm quite enjoying it. It'll allow me to save money and work towards traveling, which has been on hiatus. I'm also still working at the cinema, and going to see lots of films. My Top Five films so far this year are
1 - A Separation
2 - Shame
3 - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
4 - The Muppets
5 - Battleship (oh, this was supposed to be the The Avengers)
I'm a sucker for Big Budget Action Thrillers. And the first two are just absurdly good, with engrossing storylines and so well acted
-I've met some new people lately and it's been great. I've been feeling super comfortable and relaxed. Perhaps in the past it's made me nervous, but there's so much exciting potential with someone new. One particular new person has been making me feel quite giddy (more info to come)
-I'm helping to try make a baby. Sadly, things didn't work out with the couple I blogged about previously. We tried again, but they decided they were happy with how things were. I'm helping another couple now, and fingers crossed for them
-This post on Tumblr got quite a lot of attention, which was great because I think it's awesome

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