Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I really love cycling. I've done it all my life. I love the feeling of cruising, making your own way from A to B, and that it's free and healthy. I've had a meaningful relationship with every bike I've had.
So I was pretty devastated when about a month ago, my bike was stolen. It was locked up while I watched a movie, during daylight. Mega lame. I was bike-less for a week, and had to rely on public transport (which I think is generally okay, but when you're used to cycling anywhere, anytime...). The wisdom is that you'll only ever have one bike stolen, so hopefully I (and you!) can learn from this. Buy a really good lock. Attach it to sturdy things. Read these tips.
I bought a second hand bike online, and I'm super happy with it. A Hallmark, by Kuwahara - it's a dream to ride. I call him Jerome. And just in time for winter, I found some mudguards in a tree on my street. Perfecto!


  1. sweet ride babe!
    excellent name too. reminds me of that movie Gattaca
    I've got time off next week so I shall FINALLY send you a reply to your wonderful letter
    hope you're doing well xxxx

  2. nice bike david.

    i went 19 yrs in christchurch without a single theft. even though the massive 'bikability' of the flat city sure made for a booming black market bike industry.

    since moving to auckland i've had 3 pinched. pretty rough. always tough to start again with a new bike, eh. i haven't bought mudguards or a pannier for my latest, as i'm worried it'll disappear while i'm at work.


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