Monday, March 19, 2012

David Foster Wallace

Quite quickly, David Foster Wallace has become my favourite author. I'm part way through The Pale King, and it's great. I love his style, and the way he constructs a story.
The first of his I read was Infinite Jest when I was 20. It was okay, but after a month or so of my time, I couldn't believe the lack of conclusion, and don't think I 'got it', overall. Following a lengthy break, I read This is Water last year, and it was a really good insight in to the person, which is obviously a huge part of who the author is. I've since been reading my way through his works (check m' reading log). I think I could read an infinitely long essay on any topic he chose to write. What he wrote is amazing - it's so insightful and beautiful. It's taught me to view conclusions as a treat, rather than a necessity. And it captures what it means to be alive today.
So I'm pretty heartbroken that he took his own life a few years ago. It slipped past me at the time, and has bothered me the more I've read. Such a complex person, such a huge loss to the world. Read what he's written

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