Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nothing lasts

The MoreArt Public Art Show is on at the moment along the Upfield train line. It seems really cool, and I plan to check it out fully in the next few days. I created my own piece to run in parallel with the show, entitled Nothing Lasts. It was there for a couple of days, before being removed. I was really annoyed with this, as I think my idea was great, and it was working as planned. It's frustrating doing things which make public spaces more interesting, only to have them removed. Perhaps it was deemed no different from other graffiti ('tags'). 'Public art' vs 'street art' vs 'tags'; 'a safe community' vs 'a diverse community'.
While my work was removed, it certainly won't stop me from doing more. If anything, I'll strive to create less ephemeral pieces.

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