Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini zine review

Recently I discovered that the Brunswick Library has a zine collection, and I've been borrowing a nice ol' bunch. Here are my thoughts on some of them, * = highlight

A Life in Botany - nice anecdotes about plants and flowers
Plastic Knife #5 - good short poetry * 'The Dam', 'the only way to fix the dam was to blow it up'
Just to Annoy You #7, Signs - classic collab zine, lots of nice ideas * good omen: pic of a smiley face in frozen drink
Push the Envelope - outstanding! All about mail, art, letters: just brilliant. Best zine I've read in ages
Disposable Camera - oh, and then I read this one! Beautiful poetic glimpses of life *unfolding Wish List
blue floral gusset - frank and interesting thoughts on transvestism and gender
Some Fun Questions to Ask Your Sexual Partner - really fun read, based on poorly-worded questions for your boyfriend
Hello Stupid #1.5 - pretty 'teenagey' kind of zine. Enjoyable

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