Monday, August 1, 2011

Crochet winner!

Thanks for the entries - there were 12 all up (including ones on facebook). Some neat ideas, and I might play around with a few of the suggestions. The winner however, is Lucy, who wanted a bow for her hair (I picked the winner using the totally rad Well done - it'll be coming your way in the next few weeks.
What else is happening? I saw Miranda July's The Future. It was good, but very sad and different to what I was expecting. I also read the book of Learning to Love You More, which made me both smile and tear up. I watched Source Code, and it was fantastic, interesting and full of heart, plus a great performance from Jake Gyllenhaal. I've been to a bunch of gallery openings, drawn pictures and written letters.

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  1. did you notice the scene in source code where jake is given some 'trippy' info or something from the train woman, and it just holds on a shot of his face while she tells him (for like a minute) and he does this insane face warp thing. it's the weirdest acting move i can think of.


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