Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have a new job - it's at Palais Westgarth cinema. That meant I was able to leave the soup cafe, which I was happy with. I've had three days between ending that job and starting the new one, and I was determined to make the most of them. After blogging yesterday, I caught the train to town for a bit of exploration, guided by the rather intriguing Deductive Logic Test, set up by CDH. Aided by my map book, I found the first part of the puzzle, and solved each step before moving to the next one. It was really fun, and very well put together - their work is great, and fits the environment so well. I enjoyed finding my way around new lanes, and there were plenty of interesting distractions along the way.
I stopped by ACMI to watch a bit of American Night, a five channel installation which was very inspiring. I read a few design magazines at Mag Nation, and found a piece about maniac crochet artist Olek. Fantastic! I'd seen her work, but it had been uncredited (big online faux pas). I caught the train home, and watched the world flash past me, zoetropically. Lying in bed, my mind flashed dozens of creative plans.

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