Friday, May 20, 2011


Simon gave me a copy of Yes Man by Danny Wallace as a leaving present for Melbourne. It's really enjoyable, and quite inspiring in its own way. Danny basically says 'Yes' to every opportunity, and that's that. It worked out well for him, and it's something I'm trying to embrace more.
I've moved in to a new flat in Coburg, and it's nice. It was quite impulsive, but it felt right, so I just said yes. It's with nice people, in a nice area. And the nearest train station is called Batman. Brilliant. I was out and about looking for jobs yesterday. I dropped by Australian Geographic, which is a science/cool stuff toy shop for kids (and big kids), and the guys seemed really cool. They said I was off to a good start by having a beard, awesome. Another maybe is Cinema Nova, which seems very similar to Rialto. Fingers crossed.
Leaving the cinema, I was stopped by a man who asked if I'd like to be in a photo essay which 'infers youth'. His name was T (he made a 'T' with his hands), and of course I said yes. In a bookshop across the road, I also found a copy of my beloved Cabinet, hurrah!
On my way home I stopped at Office Works to use their free internet (that's where I am now), and two young teens sat next to me. 'He's using Facebook, too' said one of them; 'Do you want to add me?' said the other. 'I add randoms all the time: I've got one thousand, two hundred and forty friends'. 'You're very popular', I said, 'but no, thanks'.
Rats, that was a definite Yes Moment! I'll try keep it at the forefront of my mind


  1. me and susie were talking about this blog post and this was said: how does one person maintain so much magic???

  2. Awesome. I like Danny Wallace. He writes a column for a free magazine in London called Shortlist. I used to read his stuff on my way to work.

    I would have added those kids. I didn't realise Officeworks had free internet.

  3. My name is Rose and I'm a friend of Matts. I'm fairly sure I saw you walking down Smith Street yesterday, I was sitting on the pavement eating pasta. I did meet you once but thought you probably wouldn't know who I am so I didn't say anything.


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