Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last paste in Chch

On my last night in Christchurch, Simon and I did a bit of pasting. A few days earlier, he and I had quite impulsively taken a trip to the West Coast. He'd asked if I was happy with what I'd done in Chch, and when I said I'd never been to the Coast, we seized the moment. It was a long day of driving (top marks to Simon), and we managed to check off some great sights.
The drive to the Coast was good, and Arthur's Pass was okay. We stopped for lunch in Greymouth, before heading north to Punakaiki. I was really amazed by the Pancake Rocks. I was probably a touch sceptical as to how incredible they would be, but they exceeded my expectations a hundredfold. It was then further up to Westport, before heading home via Lewis Pass.
I don't think I can really convey how great a friend Simon is. We talked the whole time, sometimes deeply; often just quoting The Simpsons and joking around. He writes a fantastic blog, and has been a very close friend since the start of high school.
He has also gotten a good taste for pasting. We went along Bealey Ave and put up some colour swatches T'nealle and I found in an empty office. I'd had the idea to brighten up all the plain black power boxes, and I think this was a good start.

There were also these cryptic messages: 'We conduct many of these'

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