Monday, March 21, 2011


As mentioned in the previous post, I set out to do a bit of hitchhiking around the country. I guess it went okay, but I headed back to Chch after a few days. A few people picked me up, but I guess that after trying it, I'm not a huge fan of hitching. Gina drove me to Ashburton where I spent the night. In the morning I was picked up by Vince, the most Kiwi bloke I've ever met. He was great to talk to, and dropped me off in Timaru.
From there I was picked up by Chrissie, who took me to the Waimate turnoff. I was aiming for Oamaru, and being on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere seemed to be quite a hindrance. After a few hours of standing there, I decided to walk the 8km to Waimate, which was tougher than I'd wanted on a really hot day.
After spending the night in the beautiful little town, I caught a bus back home. I had realised that I don't really like relying on other people for rides (which is the whole idea behind hitching), and that I'd much rather be out on my bike, instead of waiting around for hours for a possible lift.
I didn't feel too bad about; I'd given it a shot, and found that it wasn't really for me. I'll be fixing Sally up a bit, and then we'll hopefully be out for an adventure before it gets too cold.

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