Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer at the moment (concurrent with Everything is Illuminated). It's been a good read, and looks at the ethical and practical ideas regarding eating meat. I've been vegan for four-and-a-bit years, and it feels like a fairly timely read. I'd describe myself as a comfortable vegan - I know what can and can't be eaten, how to stay healthy, and how to talk about the pros and cons. I'm much more indifferent about veganism now than I was for the first couple of years. If you were wondering, I became vegan after talking about it with a friend. I figured it was something I could try and abandon if I didn't like it. My family embraced the idea (though my mum said 'but you're so skinny already'), and it's something I'd recommend you consider if you're looking for a change in lifestyle. It's healthier, better for the environment, and obviously better for the lives of millions animals. You can read about veganism here.
The book's fairly well written, but it feels like he sometimes misses a good seque or logical conclusion. Gina's vegan too, and it's been great to dine more creatively with her

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