Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Day That Was - December 14th, 2010

Alright. It's back, and necessarily so I feel. It seems like I've not been up to much, or had as much direction as I'd like, so I'm going to chronicle a few days, get motivated, and see what happens.
I woke up at 8am, and had to really force myself out of bed. Normally I doze 'til 9 or 10, and feel lazy, so was up and about at 8:15: 6/10. I had two pieces of toast (peanut butter, and marmite), and a cup of tea for breakfast. I kind of straightened up the lounge in light of a possible early morning flat inspection, but it didn't eventuate: 8/10. I checked the internet: 8/10, and got on to a few things I'd been meaning to -  pitching some music story ideas to Radio New Zealand, and burning a CD of sets from the RounDUp band final for Bill from Human Pleasure. I started figuring out my top 10 songs, gigs and albums of 2010 (the last two are easy, struggling with the first: 6/10). I had a second cup of tea, re-using the teabag (it's a different, less bitter flavour), and got ready to head in to town.
My outfit for today - black canvas shoes, cut-off jean shorts, black polo-shirt: 9/10. I wheeled my bike to Cycle Trading for a repair (broken spoke: 2/10). Really nice service: 8/10. I walked in to the Square to meet Gina for lunch, and both places we went to weren't open yet (why was I up so early?!) ...but Krishna Cafe opened after a short wait. I had the vege burger: 10/10 (my god, sooooo good!), and we shared an apricot muffin. Gina went to get some things to make christmas cards, and I found some cheap A4 stickers: 8/10. I walked home and made a mixtape (sounding 9/10), and made the cover. My feet were tired from walking, and I made some rice and got ready for work. I typewrote some messages on some stickers (positive stuff/Seth Frightening lyrics: 8/10) and walked through town. I bought a ready to eat curry from the Indian Supermarket which was tasty, and work was slow, but I read Cabinet: 10/10 (man I love Cabinet).
The walk home was nice, and I stuck the stickers around. It was warm, and a few street workers chatted to me. Rose was over, and her and the rest of the flat and I stayed up talking for a while.
A nice day, and I felt really motivated to get things done.

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