Thursday, August 12, 2010


Whenever I take photos, I find that they can never fully capture what I want them to. It seems like there is so much missing. I hope you liked my recent pics, but I think they're a great example - I went for a walk to feel better, and the photos show some of the things I saw, but don't even come close to showing what I felt.
I don't really mean to bring about existential representations of life through photography or anything like that. I know photos are good at capturing moments, and scientifically can show  us so much. But it just seems like most can never come close to conveying everything I want. Everything else that I experience that can't be captured on film, or in pixels.
T'nealle once said that one thing she can't stop thinking over is 'how to make a camera see the world how I do?'


  1. you know how when you're a kid and you have no-one to talk to. i think little kids should be able to have little cameras. cos you might just take photos of whatever dumb stuff happens but it might not be dumb to you it might be rad or hilarious or significant. and when you can make a picture of something so easily it helps you to sort out your life which is a mess especially if you're a little kid, like god it was a mess. thats why i think little kids should have little cameras and also why i am really bummed that my camera is broken now. JUST WANT SOME VISUALS FOR MY BLOG

  2. I agree. I wish I had a little camera when I was a little kid. I had so much more motivation to do pointless things.


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