Monday, August 30, 2010


My family are television watchers. The kind where television will be watched each night, regardless of what's on. At my flat, we don't have a television, and I like it that way. It's not he focal point of a room; it's not the default activity. I remember a few months back, there was a television in my flat's living room for some reason. During a commercial break, we all cried out in offense as we were bombarded with aggressive words and images. I don't like being shouted at. Last night, I got the horrible feeling I usually do - watching television feels like waiting for death.
Also lately, I've listened to a bit of commercial radio, such as on the ride home from Kaikoura. I was really surprised at how many commercials there were, and how the hosts seem compelled to share 'wacky' anecdotes. Plus, I knew none of the popular songs, which is a little odd. The kinds of songs where people say 'oh come on, you must know this song'. It's interesting what you don't hear when you don't watch television, don't go to the mall, and you're a host on student radio, and listen to Radio New Zealand. I like it this way.


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    you're missing out DK

  2. I don't watch TV anymore and it feels amazing.


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