Friday, July 2, 2010

This is not a review

Yesterday, I wrote a letter to my aunt Helen. She has breast cancer, and is undergoing chemotherapy. I understand that it's working as well as can be expected, and I hope she is okay. I crocheted her a small pink ribbon badge, like those worn to show support for those with breast cancer. Like almost everything I make, I forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it. I'll say it was intentional, and that it was to be seen by her only...
I posted that, and walked to town. The sky was amazingly clear and blue, and the sun was warm on my face. It really felt like the first day of spring, though that's still a way off. I had sushi for lunch, and went to the art gallery.
Wow. I was amazed by both the exhibitions on the ground floor - Andrew Drummond's Observation/Action/Reflection, and Taryn Simon's An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar. Drummond's work on movement and chaos felt mind expanding, and Simon's photographs brought to light a whole section of culture that exists unseen to most. Both are on 'til September 5th, and are highly recommended. The day after they close, I will turn 26.
I was feeling electric after the art. Anything felt possible, and I was covered in shivers.
'congratulations!', 'be polite', 'openyoureyes', 'look around you', and 'there's magic in the air' are some of the latest stickers I've put around town. I'd advise you to pay heed.

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