Sunday, July 18, 2010

Feedback Sought

The mini-craze of blog questionnaire posts seems to have died down. So now it's my turn. I'd like to find out a bit more about you, and garner your thoughts about this blog.

-The basics - age/sex/location?

-How did you come across this blog?

-Do you think you've ever been in love?

-What makes you happy?

-What is beauty?

-Would you like to see more photos/stories/advice/days in review/poems/different things on this blog?

-Is there anything else you'd like to share with me?

Comments appreciated below...


  1. 20 male new zealand

    you probably told me, or link from the log cabin or something like that

    I think I have once, but I think you know that

    people, pretty much the only thing which can but they are also the thing which makes me feel sad sometimes. Everything else is pretty crap

    The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

    I like your days in review, or just your ramblings about life

    I probably will just tell you in person if anything comes to mind

  2. 21, male, new zealand

    you showed me once on a cold december morning.

    "i'm always in love" - bob dylan

    handsomely produced books and the smell of coffee and ink.

    beauty is that which resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows... beauty is stolen quotes and words twisted for your own needs. if you get the reference here.

    an update on the key


  3. 20 female Christchurch

    Random facebook trawling

    I think I have been in love... Who is realy able to define something so varied and personal.

    books, people who converse well, paintings, sunny days, the first daffodils, surprising moments.

    Beauty can be found in everything, but in the exact same places ugliness can be found. It is the brain state of looking at something visually pleasing.

    days in review


  4. i think feelings are fucking gay, but you gave me an unsolicited hug once which was sweet and unexpected, so i'll never hate you. well played.
    also one time someone said something about you before i ever met you so i couldn't do anything about it. i am so sorry

  5. 21 / m / Melbourne

    Poking around the internet looking for words to remind me of Campus. :-D

    Who's to say? The question's definitional. I could be stingy with the term and say No, I don't think I've ever so attached to someone else that I'd undergo a hundred Hells just to spend another minute in their company ... but what's the use of such stinginess? I've cared for people -- enough for it to hurt, sometimes -- and I'd prefer to think of that as a gradient of love, rather than just some tepid warm-up for the Real Thing, you know?

    I don't know. Lots of little things. Music! mainly. Humour that actually manages to surprise. Friends, there when you need them. Lots of little things.

    Beauty = the quality of perception at work when we perceive something as 'beautiful'. That's a pretty bald tautology, I know, but it sorta feels like it has to be.

    Stories are always good!

  6. 20/male/christchurch

    facebook told me

    i believe i am currently

    good company, interesting thoughts, learning, reading, music

    beauty is not in anything, most things are essentially devoid of meaning. but the human condition allows us to imbue things with meaning and those things we find pleasing in some way will be ascribed the attribute of beauty. personally i find beauty the most in abilities of craft, whether that be sound into music, objects into artwork, or scribbles into words to sentences. so really the most beautiful thing i would consider the mind, and it's capabilities.

    i'm sure whatever you feel would be interesting to post on this blog would be worth reading & looking at. but i quite like advice and observations.

    i've heard you make craft things of great detail and intricacy before most of us have had our morning coffee

  7. -21. Male. Waterview.

    -Darian's blog has a link to this.


    -Pretending to be stupider than I am when talking to shopkeepers in an attempt to confuse them or make them laugh or just make it real real awkward.



    -No. Sorry.

  8. 21/F/Auckland.

    Via another blog.


    Tea and toast, with my cat nearby, on a sunny day.

    See above.

    I like your days in review.

    I think it is great that you are so open with your emotions.

  9. Hey its Rose :)


    I think you told me about it.


    Eamonn's comment rings true with me too. Though I do also find happiness in things like nice sunsets and sunshine and just generally summery things, I miss summer

    Beauty is something that strikes the aye. I think i prefer cuteness to beauty

    I am not sure

    You are my second best friend. Am I still 2Rose on your phone?

  10. 20, F, Melbourne

    my friend likes your days in review

    I do not think I have been

    laughing and singing and seeing babies on the train and when people sit on the escalator at night time as it's going slow and there's no one around

    small things, natural things.


    I really just left a comment here because I saw someone I was stalking also left one. sssshshhh!

  11. - 19 F Auckland

    - Facebook > 1000 people for Dane Rumble to play at the Log Cabin for David > Davie Sebastian Klein > The Colour Of My Love For You

    - No

    - Honesty, familiarity, and people who don't always have something to say

    - Anything that rings true to nature

    - All of it is good to read

    - I wish there were more blogs like this one

  12. 17 F Christchurch

    Exact same answer and the one above.

    I think that I am now.

    Cooking, listening to good music, reading a good book, deap and meaningful conversations, and spooning.

    Something pleasing to the eye.

    I'm a newcomer, but I love what you already have.

    I hope my bf knows you. You seem like a really genuine and insightful guy. You should be friends.

  13. -21/F/NZ



    -It would probably be easier to list things that don't make me happy

    -Beauty is... indefinable. I find things beautiful, but I cannot quantify my reasoning behind me finding them so.

    -I find your musings uplifting, so more days in review would be interesting.

    -You're a beautiful person
    Your blog makes me happy
    I think I may be in love with you

  14. I'm 22/F/Waiheke Island

    I found your blog on Eamonn's blog.

    Have I ever been in love? Current obsessions equate love-like emotions. We are all always in love.

    I enjoy remembering various senses from night time dreaming, smells, sounds, emotions. Deciding whether or not certain things within the dream are original to me, or were influence.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; one woman's trash is another's treasure.

    I like your essence of home made craft. I like the short anecdotes, and observations. Slice of life.

    I have nothing in particular to tell you, once I accidentally grazed the top of my foot on the rocks at Sumner Beach, I forgot about the it until today when I was gazing at my feet and saw the scar is still there.


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