Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's Saturday evening. I'm drinking a cup of tea, and just had vege hotdogs for dinner. I'm listening to The Microphones.
It feels like I have so much to share with you, but when I go to write, I'm left drawing a blank. For what I want to convey. Instead of anything recent or sweet, I'll share with you the most embarrassing thing that has probably ever happened to me.
I played field hockey in intermediate and high school. One fateful game, around the tender age of twelve, I lead the team in the customary 'three cheers' for the other team. In New Zealand, this is sometimes done in Maori ('hip-hooray' becomes something along the lines of 'kamane ana-he!'). As you may know, a twelve year old boy experiences many changes to their body. Most relevant to this story is the breaking of the voice. At the end of the game as the lead caller, I put on my deepest, manliest voice, and yelled 'kamane ana!' The rest of the team replied with 'he!', which I also yelled. My voice though broke out, louder and shriller than any could've imagined: 'heeeeeeeeee!' The spectacularly high-pitch made both teams break in to laughter, and as a result, the opposing team only got one cheer. It took quite a while to live that one down.
What's something embarrassing that's happened to you?

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  1. One time I was in Palmerston North and buying a drink at burger king at the food court and my friend had left to go get food elsewhere, and I fell over flat on my face. It was embarrassing because there was no one I knew around I could laugh it off with. There was this other time I was running with my hands in my pockets and I fell flat on my face but it was funny because people were there


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