Friday, March 19, 2010

A letter

"I see the progressive growth of apathy within our Western society. I see people's overwhelming tendency to minimise the brilliance of each moment, I think the key to life is to realise that there will never be another you, and because there will never be another human who could experience the world through the same subjective lens quite like you can, that each of us are essentially living art making history. Boredom is a sickness. I urge you not to waste time, and rather charge straight fucking ahead at life itself.” – Darren Bennet
This was a letter written to Adbusters magazine in 2006. It was the last thing I read before leaving to meet a friend.

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  1. A really worthwhile comment to ponder on. It is hard work to remember the point, and hard work to keep thinking, but I feel it is worth it.


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